“Cuando Debian conoció Enlightenment”

Elive es una distribución de GNU/Linux basada en Debian, que utiliza el escritorio Enlightenment, ya que este escritorio es muy liviano y a la vez poderoso combinado con un muy buen estilo visual, convierte a esta distribución en una de las mejores distros para PC de bajos recursos (por lo menos a mi criterio), en lo personal la he probado y me ha gustado mucho, ya que al estar basada en Debian, es muy estable y robusta, ademas cuenta con efectos de muy buen gusto y originales. así que aquí tienes una opción mas para instalar linux en tu maquina de bajos recursos.


Ademas cuenta con muy buena paqueteria aquí les dejo con la lista de paquetes que trae la versión estable:

  • General Features
  • Windows: Your Windows partitions are now recognized on /mnt like windows_c, windows_d, etc… instead of hda, hdb, etc…
  • Graphical Grub: A very nice graphical Grub boot menu selector
  • Webcams: When you plug in a webcam, a webcam viewer is launched if it’s supported, you can play with special effects and you can scare your friends in aMSN
  • The Elive User Guide added to your Documents directory, (not finished but useful)
  • aMSN: in the last version, more webcams supported, looks a lot better, aliased fonts, better skin, etc…
  • Applications: All applications renamed and re-ordered to be more intuitive for the end-user
  • 7z: Elive now supports .7z (7zip) compressed files, in other words… open it directly :).
  • Fonts! a set of 20 misc TTF fonts has been added to Elive by default for the user to play with and use on the themes and look’n’feel.
  • GTK Icons Theme selector In the GTK configurator of Elpanel, you now have an icons theme selector, Thanks LinuxNIT for coding this nice application.
  • Firefox 2: Now called iceweasel is fully implemented, remember that thunderbird is now called icedove too
  • Flash 9: Supported
  • Enlightenment Related Features
  • Entrance Themes: Both themes (Elive and Night look’s), were revamped and enhanced for a better look
  • Enlightenment: Disabled the flip desktops when mouse is at screen edge feature by default because it confuses the less-experienced users, you can enable it from the enlightenment configuration menu (e16 and e17).
  • Hotkeys: A lot of hotkeys were added and also for some multimedia keyboards. You can find a good list of HotKeys that will enhance your Elive experience in your Documents directory
  • Night look: New background like this video, very nice for use on dual or more monitors.
  • Installer Features
  • Swap File: Added a system to make Swap files if the memory is less than 128 Mb, only for FAT filesystems (Patches for ntfs-3g welcome)
  • Installer: Better and more correct fine-tuned system (post-install), launched from the graphical system when user logs in
  • Languages in the installer: Added thanks to the translator collaborations (soon more things available to translate)
  • Boot menu: ‘Vista’ detected and added in the boot menu after the installation
  • Boot menu: A much better list of other OS’s
  • Select manual partitions when the installer asks you for your desired partitions, you can enter it manually now, even ones not included on the list
  • JFS support: You have a new FileSystem of choice, JFS, a great filesystem that many users love.
  • Extra Help: Now you have a extra help in the installer, which is perfect for the non-experienced users…explaining how to partition the hard disk better etc… Translators needed here
  • Installer Features: If you have broken the grub on your MBR thanks to windows, the installer autodetects it and ask you to recover the one from your Elive system instead of installing again. So, if you want to recover the grub for any reason, just launch the installer from root like: eliveinstaller recover my grub please
  • Hardware support
  • Kernel 2.6.18:
    • CK patches: Those patches make the priority of and the memory between process work much better.
    • 1000 Hz: Better for desktop usage, better reply of the applications
    • Realtime usage: This is especially good for musical compositors
    • Low Latency mode: Applications don’t have lag if you load your system with many processes.
    • Kqemu added: The kernel accelerator module for qemu is added in Elive by default thanks to the permission of the author
  • Epson Scanner: A new Scanner application for some Epson scanners
  • iPod: Supported in the better way
  • Swiss keyboards: Supported in the configurator of Elpanel, for french and german variants
  • Resolution 1440×900 Added
  • DV Video Camera: Permission enabled to use kino with your cam-recorder for a normal user.
  • Bugs fixed
  • NTFS and FAT32: Everybody can write, read, and modify, you can do anything
  • Entrance: The no-login problem that some users have experienced when they try to login on entrance and don’t enter a wrong password. Fixed
  • DVD autolaunchement: Oxine didn’t play DVD’s. Fixed
  • Autolaunchers: not all the USB cards, SMC or SD cards are autolaunched. Fixed
  • Gimp can’t print. Fixed
  • Burners: not possible to make an image of a DVD. Fixed
  • Gparted: hang due to the module floppy. Fixed
  • Gimp: not launching and freezing on the step xsane. Fixed
  • Usb sticks: problem of the very slow speed in transfer of archives. Fixed
  • Audio CDs: just some Audio CD’s work. Fixed
  • Mplayer: Zoom, Fullscreen, and Play, doesn’t work Fixed
  • More: Many more bugs were fixed and things made better…not listed here, but you can explore all the bugs in the BTS of Elive

Pagina oficial de Elive: http://www.elivecd.org


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